Natural Action Water Structuring units uses nature's own technology (Biomimetics) to purify water and restore it’s innate life giving energies, properties and potential. The technology is completely Nature-driven and truly maintenance-free.


The video left shows a simulation of water’s flow through the structuring elements. In this demonstration the technology is housed in the portable unit. The traveling speed of the water molecules is actually much faster than what is demonstrated. The video speed shows slower movement so the viewer can see that, rather than making impact with the flow form elements, the water instead travels around the flow form elements. The water follows a path that is free of resistance.


The working part of the water structuring unit is the water itself. Revolutionary flow-form elements inside each unit guide the water’s flow through the unit to create an environment that allows the water to clean itself, as happens in Nature, under the right conditions. Under those conditions the water flows at maximum velocity in specific geometrical patterns– a double vortex. The flow and counter flows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turns water into a machine. 


The Structured Water unit and it’s flow form elements are so precisely engineered, that as little as 1 teaspoon of water dropped into the portable structuring unit, will proceed in a balanced double vortex .The double vortex consists of counter-rotating spins.



The velocity and spinning action that is created in the structuring unit were calibrated to reach the perfect speed for the perfect dynamic of change. Here the force of the rushing spinning water molecules builds bio-photonic energy in the water and the thrashing movements change the angle of the bonds that unite the hydrogen atoms– an element that exists in all things.

Water moving through the Structured Water unit is processed in an environment of

dynamic shear and pressure differentials. 



The change in the hydrogen bond angle is the “mechanism of change”. The angle change instantly transforms physical characteristics and energetic components, as follows.


1. Large low energy water molecule clusters, which result from water’s travel through pipes and city filtration systems, are broken down into smaller high-energy clusters of  5-20 molecules. (This is the cluster size range to which the cell membrane wall provides immediate access.)

2. Molecular displacements occur (solids are crushed)  which creates change to underlying energies.

3. Positively charged ions, which are biologically harmful components, are absorbed by the negative ions, thereby eliminating biologically harmful energy patterns. The associated physical elements, are consequently void of qualities that would make them absorbable or able to adhere to other physical matter. When such matter is consumed it is, therefore, eliminated by the body’s elimination system same as other physical waste material.

4. The geometry and energy patterns of healthful minerals are redefined in a way that increases absorption and energetic value to the body.

5. The energy pattern that underlies the water molecule is redefined to reflect water's natural healthy energy pattern and the influx of bio-photonic energy that is created during the structuring process.

6. The surface tension of the water molecule is returned to natural level, thereby undoing the hardening effects of travel though plumbing lines and city filtration systems.


The Structured Energy pattern of water is a formulation that is zero point perfection. Structured hydrogen is coherent energy. It is hydrogen in perfection. Structured hydrogen changes everything it comes in contact with.”  Clayton Nolte, Developer of the Natural Action Technologies Structured Water unit





When water is processed through the Natural Action Water unit, the water’s large clusters of groups of gathered molecules are caused to spin as they move against the geometric flow forms configured within the unit. The resulting action of the centrifugal force and multi directional spinning forces the water clusters to break into smaller tiny groups of 5- 20 molecules per group. In this event, large low energy water molecule clusters are broken down into smaller high-energy clusters.



Processes Introduced with L-8 Transceiver Technology (sold only on this website)


Through research, Clayton Nolte, the inventor of the Structured Water unit determined that Nature is simply not prepared for technologically made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). He observed that EMF energy changes the properties affecting the density of water. Water becomes “hard”; EMF energy, therefore, impedes absorption and performance. The Natural Action Structured Water Unit is outfitted with natural materials that helps protect the water from the damaging effects of EMF. With the introduction of these materials, the structuring event actually becomes an ion exchange process


L-8 Transceiver Technology combines with the ion exchange process that occurs as water passes through the unit. The synergy produces abundant energies associated with Earth’s electromagnetic field. The richness of the bio signals contained in that field enhances EMF resilience and healing processes and extends EMF remediation to include EMF emitters. MORE



Evidence Tap Water Passed Through a Structured Water Unit Changes to Structured Water.

Visit the TEST RESULTS page for details about scientific comparisons of tap water before and after processing with a Natural Action Structured Water unit. Included therein is a report by A.G. Haglis, which was published in May 2012. This significant scientific study includes remarkable photographic evidence of changes. According to the researchers, the photos show evidence of increased bio-availability and life force energy, removal of toxins, and the formation of star shaped clusters. The researcher's conclusion: "Therefore, the sample has achieved a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high-quality natural spring water." The photographic evidence from that study is displayed immediately below.


The image on the left above shows water molecular in a sample of Neutral tap water, Bottighofen, Switzerland. The image on the right shows the same water after processing with a Natural Action water unit. The images were produced using a 400,000 X  microscope.


“Sacred Geometry has to do with everything. It IS everything. Basically this unit helps water to go back to its perfect structure that it has in nature. Structured water has a life force energy. Anything good for life is carried on the outside of the water molecule and easily assimilated. Anything not good for life is pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded. So life becomes the filter, passing through and going back into nature. Structured water has a balanced spin of counter-rotating fields. The more balanced the spin, the more equal, the more pure the structure. Living water in its natural state has the same counter-rotating fields. All I've done is create a balanced field so water can remember its natural state." Clayton Nolte, Developer, Natural Action Water Structuring Unit.


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The flow and counter flows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turns water into a machine. 

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