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L-8 Transceiver Technology, a powerful solution to EMFs, is added to every unit.

These units are not sold on any other internet sites, including Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba.


Your purchase includes the Vibrancy Water Guidebook. The book is packed with easy to follow EMF remediation techniques using  L-8 Structured Water.




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The 90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee provides full refund

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Natural Action Technologies backs the good condition of their products

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All orders to Canadian and American addresses ship free and are typically delivered in 3-4 business days.

A minimum $500 order ships free to addresses outside North America .

Canadian and International orders are shipped from Toronto, Ontario.

All orders to U.S. addresses are shipped directly from the manufacturer in Arizona, U.S.A.


Easy Care-Free Use


All install-able products are engineered for simple installation and include instructions. The following characteristics are associated with all the Structured Water units:


Maintenance Free    Cost-free Operation  

Zero Processing Wait Time

Zero Limit on Processing Capacity

Zero Replaceable/Breakable Parts 


Variation in the Number of Flow Form Elements


The number of flow form structuring elements that are built into the unit varies by application (e.g., whole house, sink, shower). The number of elements is directly related to the amount of energy that is generated in the water as it passes through the unit. The greater the number, the greater the amount of energy.


Subtle Influences on Water Quality


Structured Water research shows Structured Water incorporates the vibration of its immediate surroundings. Further, that Structured Water diminishes quickly in environments in which there is adversity and chaos and lasts longer in a harmonious peaceful environment. It has also been discovered that Structured Water can incorporate the energies of thoughts and beliefs. You can, therefore, support the water’s fine quality by maintaining an attitude of positive expectations about the water when you prepare or use Structured Water. (see ABOUT STRUCTURED WATER)


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