Innovative and Maintenance-Free Pool Water Treatment Technology


The Natural Action Water Structuring Swimming Pool Unit requires NO,  filters, electricity,  magnets, moving parts, bulbs, replaceable parts, salts, adjustments or settings to manage .


The unit generates swimming pool water that is,


crystal clean, clear, brilliant blue, soft, pristine, vibrant, inviting, refreshing, buoyant, hydrating, rejuvenating ...


The water structuring unit is  installed in-line to work with your swimming pool circulating pump. The unit provides an abundance of benefits:


natural swimming pool water, with all of the pleasures of “high quality water of natural origin”

water naturally driven to be balanced, thereby dramatically reducing the demand for chemicals and the time you spend in maintaining a balanced pool - even when using agents marketed as “natural alternatives”.

neutralizes toxins that are harmful to living organisms;

creates a water environment unfavourable to bacteria and algae growth;

saves pool equipment, pool surfaces and swimwear;

increases water’s natural minerals, which benefits swimmers and surrounding plants;

conserves water by reducing the need for backwashes or pool refills; and

 balanced, clear and clean sparkling pool water, that is safe for living organisms, equipment, etc. with less pool chemicals, and requires less dosing than is possible with any other water treatment.


The Features That Make Structured Water

Ideal for Swimming Pool Use


Supports the elements that contribute to preferred PH levels


Resulting Benefits:


· beautifully soft skin and hair

· clear eyes

· thriving plants and lawns in the pool’s vicinity

· bright sparkling water

· equipment and pool liner and surfaces are saved from damage due to non-ideal pH levels, so that,


· metals associated with your pool (ladders, rails, pumps, filters, valves, etc.) stay like new

· staining from metal corrosion dissolves

· scaling or calcium build up on pool surfaces, waterline and accessories reduces


· slower dissipation of chlorine

· a water environment unfavourable to bacteria and the growth of algae


Self-Generates An Ideal Total Alkalinity (TA) For a Balanced Pool

(a measurement of the water’s ability to resist a change in pH ability or to neutralize acids)


Ideal TA is supported by the neutral pH (7.2 -7.5) and high hydrogen ion content that are naturally characteristic of Structured Water.


Neutralizes the Effects of TSS (total suspended solids) and TDS (total dissolved solids) 


Resulting Benefits:


· clear pool water

· cleaner pool surfaces  

· less scaling

· soft water

· beautifully soft skin and hair

· clear eyes

· a water environment unfavourable to bacteria and algae

· longer wearing plaster surfaces

· equipment and pool liner and surfaces saved from damage due to non-ideal pH levels, so that,


· metals associated with your pool (ladders, rails, pumps, filters, valves, etc.) stay like new

· staining from metal corrosion reduces

· scaling or calcium build up on pool surfaces, waterline and accessories, dissolves


(whereas, salt generators continuously add to the pool’s TDS)


Rich in Oxygen that is Stable


The highly available oxygen in t naturally aerobic Structured Water decomposes and extinguishes the organic “muck”, algae and bacteria feed on. This creates a pool water environment unfavorable to algae and bacterial growth.


Reduces Scaling


The structuring process and the structured water transforms the calcium and other hard minerals (dissolves them into solution) deterring adhesion to hard surfaces.


Water Softening


The structuring process increases the water’s natural bio-photonic energies, while it reduces both, the surface tension (toughness) of the water molecules to their natural softness, and their cluster size. These aspects making the water feel luxuriously soft. 



Chemical Usage


It is important to clean the pool floor and walls weekly and to remove debris that might enter the pool after a storm.

Since Structured Water is self-balancing, it is important to avoid the impulse to add chemicals  should the water become cloudy following heavy rain or heavy bather use.

The quality of the pool water will be effected by the energetic surrounding environment.

To support water quality in locations with dense electropollution or nearby transmission lines or cell phone towers:  use a wireless router that is reconfigured using L-8 fortified Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water and ensure the pool area is within the broadcast range.

Structured Water deters algae growth, however the extent  to which it does so is not absolute. It is recommended that a chlorine puck be maintained in the skimmer during hot weather. The chlorine will be effective, however,, neutralized of its harmful biological effect and corrosive effects on skin and hair, swimwear and pool surfaces and equipment.


“Hi Liala,

I trust you had a great summer. We definitely had.

Here is our testimonial after the first 'structured water' pool season:
The structured water pool unit was working as advertised - if not even better!  The water was absolutely crystal clear and felt very light, almost 'silky'. Great feeling!
Our salt generator, which is usually set to 35-40, was set to 10 the entire summer.  I turned it to 40 for 2 separate nights - just to make sure that it is still actually working and generating any chlorine (LOL), since the strips did not show anything (chlorine was usually so low).


Every time when I winterized the chlorine generator unit after the summer use, the plates inside were usually covered solidly with the thick layer of calcium crust.
It used to take significant amount of time (and vinegar) and lot of scraping to clean it.
Well, this year, there was absolutely NO CALCIUM DEPOSIT on the plates!!! The generator unit looked inside just like it looked when I was installing it in May.

We definitely recommend this product to anyone with the pool. Worth every penny.

Ivan and Adriana Vazan

Ontario, Canada


Click here to read a report on a 7 month testing in Toronto, Canada.


 Experience the Pleasure of Swimming in Natural Water,

While Nature’s Ways Tend the Water.


90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee    10 Year Warranty


We provide experience-backed service, to assist you in transitioning your pool and in incorporating pool chemicals or other agents.


The units are simple to install. We can recommend installers experienced with our units in the GTA and surrounding areas in Ontario.





 Pool with L-8 Technology

For the Ultimate Spa Indulgence


$1,999.CAD        $ 1,499 USD




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The Natural Action Structured Water Unit provides the ultimate technology for a swimming pool water that is free of harsh chemical effects, looks and feels great, needs minimal upkeep, and saves pool surfaces and equipment.


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