Ancient civilizations and native peoples have always believed water is a living being that has intelligence, consciousness and memory. Scientific research over the last 100 years, particularly since the 1990’s  confirms water gathers and conveys information in discreet coding (subtle energy) and transfers subtle energies it carries to living organisms. The following is a brief overview of modern day research related to water memory.  Research into water memory, is also known as “Structured Water Science”’. Findings there are presented in  ABOUT STRUCTURED WATER. 


Dr. Linus Pauling


In 1920, multiple Nobel prize recipient Dr. Linus Pauling proposed a research based theory on water's memory. He postulated that water reassembles the structure of its molecular arrangement in order to encode, transmit, and integrate new information. His idea was ignored largely due to lack of subtle energy reading instruments. His ideas were verified in recent research.


Dr. Jacques Benveniste


The concept, “water memory” gained attention in the scientific community in 1988 as a result of a scientific report published in 1988 by Dr. Jacques Benveniste. He claimed his study shows water holds “memory” - retains energy/information from substances previously dissolved in it, even after not a single molecule of the original substance remains. Further, that the recorded information can digitally re-write other water. The doctor insisted this ability is the mechanism by which homeopathic remedies works. His work was hotly disputed by the scientific community, however, it did inspire later studies by researchers who were able to validate his work.


Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig


In 1991, Nobel Prize recipient, physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, documented water’s ability to store electromagnetic information and asserted that water transfers coherent information to living organisms.



Dr. Marcel Vogel


Dr. Marcel Vogel often noted as the father of Structured Water science, believed Structured Water has consciousness that derives from its organization and information storing abilities. His studies in the 1980’s, which focused on plant communication and crystals, documented energy transfer to and from water.


Dr. Masuru Emoto


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Water researcher Dr. Masuru Emoto demonstrated that emotion-filled words, written and spoken, have related energy patterns that are absorbed into the water molecule and reflected in its structure.  Dr. Emoto documented the images, left, of water molecules during his research. 

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What does water store in it’s “memory”?


Examination of the water molecule using modern scientific instruments has revealed that each molecule has 440,000 information panels. These panels are storage panels for energy imprints associated to every live and non-living thing in vicinity during the water’s travel. It has been suggested water consumption thereby connects people to different places and information.  Also, that body fluids hold a unique memory linked to individual experience.  


The pictures below show examples of the usually invisible, radiating energy

that emits from all living and non-living things. 


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IUMAB, International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography


Dr. Carly Nuday, PHD, whose research was inspired by Dr. Vogel, postulates that the body’s water  instantaneously records energy patterns from the environment and the energies the body produces, including those that represent our thoughts, emotions, intentions and deeds. She claims the storage capacity is massive. In fact, the capacity is exponentially greater than the capacity of small solid state crystals that are capable of storing the entire Library of Congress. Further, that the body’s water stores consciousness and karma. Her research assistant Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein, proposes that water acts as a "Fractal Antenna" (structures within structures within structures); wherein, the higher the degree of harmonious coherence, the greater the sub-harmonic resonant structures replicate almost to the degree theoretically to that of infinity.


“Water Memory” 


Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier published his 2009 study in which he placed biological matter (DNA) in water, digitalized it’s energy imprint from the water, then transmitted and reinserted the energy pattern into a sample of water. That sample of water was then seen to contain an exact replica of the original biological matter. Following publication of his study, Dr. Montagneir was ostracized by the traditional scientific community, which ridiculed his idea that water can carry information via an electromagnetic imprint from DNA and other molecules. His reputation is being redeemed by later verifying studies by other researchers.


 “Your Water Has Memory”


A 2015 study at the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany provides  compelling visual depiction of imprints formed in water by human energies and energies from flowers.



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The Memory of Water


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Water molecules have storage panels for energy imprints associated to every live and non-living thing in vicinity during the water’s travel.

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