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“The Natural Action Structured Water filter changed my life.”


Chris Singleton

 Former Pro Baseball Player—Broadcaster

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The waterfall, is one of Nature’s ways, of

producing water that is revered as “Healing Water”.


Water of such quality, is known scientifically,

as “Structured Water”.



Structured Water in Nature


In Nature, water is made and kept “ Structured” by its travel in natural waterways. On those journeys, it powerfully rushes and tumbles, in its natural flow -a double helix vortex, over rocks and through currents, mountain streams, waterfalls and miles of winding rivers.


The Natural Action (NAT)

Structured Water Unit

Sensible Water Treatment




Water’s biological usefulness is reduced by modern water delivery and treatment methods. For those methods restrict water’s natural flow, deplete its natural energies and/or add constituents that do not belong in water. Consequently, the water suffers loss of those energies and properties that make water life-sustaining and it becomes hard and destructive.


The Structured Water Unit processes degraded water into its natural Structured condition. 




The Structured Water Unit uses Nature’s “water structuring” principles, exclusively.

Water moves through a Structured Water Unit as though rushing down a mountain stream,  thus undergoing the same processes, that make Structured Water in Nature.




The Structured Water Unit completely rejuvenates water’s vitalizing properties, full repertoire of balanced energies and boosts its Bio-Photonic energies. (This “life force energy” is also called “Prana” and “Chi” and is scientifically measurable.)


The need for such improvements is overlooked throughout the industry; such repair is impossible with water “fixxes” that filter out or add “things’.


Water absorbs and collects the energies—energetic information, of everything in its vicinity. Water structuring remediates toxic energies that are in water, which is something also not performed by devices that filter out or add things.




The use of Nature-driven technology,

makes the Structured Water Unit

self-powered and maintenance-free.



Structured Water;

Features and Benefits



Structured Water is the “power horse” of all water and, therefore, the best performing water—at every task.


Structured Water’ has a unique defining set of energies and properties. This set appears in healthy cell water and revered “healing waters”, such as Lourdes and Hunza waters.

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Structured Water helps provide safety from energies that are potentially harmful, biologically. Namely, it stores them in an “exclusion zone” which isolates them away from the body.


Rounded Rectangle: Structured Water promotes profound benefits, for every part of you.


Findings in leading-edge science, suggest the human body is basically a skin covered water vessel. For, water molecules make up over 99% of the body’s molecules and are an integral part of the cells and DNA. 







A water-based view of health explains the consistent positive reports from people, who use the Structured Water Unit. These are reports of profound health improvements personally and for family members, pets, livestock, plants, fish tanks and more.


What more is possible?



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Thriving plants

and crops


improved germination

-  bigger and faster growth

-  higher energy and         avnutritional values

-  more resilience to pests anand adverse conditions









Cannabis application


We help Growers develop cost effective plans for optimal results, for farms and grow facilities.






Structured Buds and Buzz

Pure pool and spa pleasure 


The Structured Water Unit for Pools generates safe, balanced and invigorating water. It does so, with less costs and maintenance, than with any other water treatment. We provide experienced–based customer service.




Pool and Spa Use






Whatever your water source,  a Structured Water Unit gives you highly energized, softer and healthier water.  


The unit has no moving or breakable parts and will process limitless amounts with no wait time. Operation is completely cost-free because its functioning is based simply on water’s movement through the unit.



Powered By Nature

Backed By Science


90 Day Money Back Guarantee

10 Year Warranty



A Vibrancy Water Exclusive


L-8 Transceiver Technology


Advanced EMF Remediation


All units are prepared with L-8 Transceiver Technology. This free addition, provides a way to:


1. naturally build resilience to EMFs and


2.make a beneficial change to the fields generated by EMF emitters.











Ask An Expert.

We Know Water.

Write or phone for answers derived from personal training with NAT’s founder,

and experience, since 2009, in product

use and sales.






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The NAT Structured Water Unit is to be used in the first ever formally sanctioned human medical trials of Structured Water.


Studies using Structured Water made with the Natural Action Structured Water Unit, are planned by Dr. Raman Gokal, (Toronto, Canada) FRCP, FASN, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrologist. He anticipates 


“the outcomes of the studies could have far ranging implications for the benefit of mankind”.


Click for Details


Vibrancy Water is an Affiliate Sponsor of Natural Action Foundation

Manchester University of England Medical Trial.



Structured Water Science is at the leading edge of an emerging scientific paradigm.


Discovery of Structured Water’s remarkable properties overturned conventional ideas about cellular activity, memory, consciousness, thought processes …. overall functioning of the human body. The resulting new scientific models compel us to set aside principles of matter and to view the human body as a water vessel, which can be explained by applying the principles of energy.  Further, to see water as both a carrier of electromagnetic information that directs cellular activity and the carrier of the life force energy that fuels DNA. 


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Later findings and conclusions are presented in ABOUT STRUCTURED WATER .





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