My name is Liala Ackerman and I own and operate the company that is distributing the products on this website. The following relates my use of a dedicated water structuring unit on a swimming pool. Except for the bleach noted, no agents were used to influence the pool water conditions. The water structuring unit was installed in-line, so the water was structured during circulation. The pool equipment ran continuously, which kept the water always circulating.


Crystal Clear Pool with a Water Structuring Unit


My swimming pool was opened for the season on April 12, 2010 and the water structuring unit was integrated into the swimming pool plumbing lines that day. Readings on opening day showed no evidence of chemical agents in the water or evidence of silver or copper ions that were used to maintain the pool water during the previous pool season. The pool was operational within 48 hours of opening.



April 20, 2010                



Readings eight days later, on April 20, 2010, showed pH and Total Alkalinity in the ideal ranges. The pool remained opened until October 16, 2010. Weekly readings consistently showed pH and total alkalinity readings in the ideal ranges.


Over a 3 week period of extreme heat in July, a total of 4 gallons of household bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) was added to the water to remove algae that was growing on the plaster walls. No other agents were used as antibacterial agents or to deter the growth of algae. Whereas, in previous years, algae was a recurring problem. (Further testing that included other pools indicated algae can be avoided by maintaining a chlorine puck in the skimmer or using a salt generator at its lowest setting.) There were many parties around and in the pool and the pool was visited regularly by wildlife. The rainfall was unseasonably high.


Rainfall typically creates imbalance in pool water. The pool remained in balance despite the higher than usual rainfall. According to the daily record of total precipitation recorded in the Canadian government's National Climate Data and Information Archive, a total of 541mm (22 inches) of rain fell in the City of Toronto between April 20, 2010 (pool open date) and October 16, 2010 (pool close date). The average rain fall for this period is less than 450 mm.



September 19, 2010 



The pool walls and floor are plastered with a bright white marblelite finish. As the images show, the water was a beautiful blue throughout the entire season. The water was always velvety soft and clear and its energies could be felt from several feet away. In prior years, my children seldom used the pool or spent time in the pool area. Whereas, with the unit installed, the pool became their center of activities. The water structuring unit on the pool was a wonderful, and magical experience.


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Use of a Dedicated NAT Structured Water Unit on a Swimming Pool


There were many parties around and in the pool and the pool was visited regularly by wildlife. The rainfall was unseasonably high.


Weekly readings consistently showed pH and total alkalinity readings in the ideal ranges.


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