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Scientific Evidence of the positive energy balance created by Nolte’s Water Structuring Unit.
(Emoto Style Testing)


In May 2012, Hagalis AG, a testing laboratory in Germany, published its independent study on the effects observed in water processed through Clayton Nolte’s original water structuring unit. Information about the testing procedures and Haglais is available here.  The images below show the differences observed between the sample tap water from (right) and the water processed through the structuring unit (left).  According to the researchers, the grid-like pattern evident in the tap water sample (right) represents toxins.  Whereas, the structured water sample (left)  shows no evidence of toxins. 

Sample of Neutral Tap Water, Bottighofen, Switzerland. The 90 degree angular structures

represent toxic substances. 

Structured sample of Bottighofen tap water processed one time, with a Natural Action Water structuring device.  

According to the researcher, the above photos show physical evidence of increased bio-availability and biophotonic (life force) energy, removal of toxins and the formation of star shaped clusters, as a result of having been processed with the Natural Action water device. According to the researchers, ”Water research indicates the star shaped structures seen in the above structured sample, only appear in very high quality water of natural origin”. The researchers also reported that the structured sample was found to have increased biological quality, a higher presence of trace elements and minerals, higher and more positive energy balance and “a significant surplus of energy”.  The following is from the report’s summary.

The full report can be read here.

About Photons


In physics, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field and the basic "unit" of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. It is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.  For example, a single photon may be refracted by a lens or exhibit wave interference, but also act as a particle giving a definite result when its location is measured. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Every Electromagnetic frequency is associated with a wavelength and an inherent level of quantum energy. The quantum energy is the energy of the individual light particles known as photons. Low frequencies have long wavelengths and low photon energy. Higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths and higher photon energy.

Photon is energy that flows through and around every thing, including your body.  Photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency.


Matter is condensed light, All matter in the physical universe operates on the various harmonics of condensed light, from simple concepts of colour right down to the biochemistry of the body. The body itself is a radio frequency harmonic oscillator- a large ensemble of electromagnetic energy. Energy demodulates into different frequencies which operate the entire human organism, beginning with infra-red, the microwave range, and the radio range all the way down to the levels of extra low frequency waves (ELF). As light successively demodulates in the body, it creates the heart beat, the respiration, and  the brain waves.


 Water has the capacity to store a tremendous quantity of photons.

One of the important properties of water is its ability to store information, or energy, and in particular - electromagnetic waves - in the form of photons. Photons are waves/particles of light which are also found in the living cells of plants, animals or humans, and because they are found in what is referred to as biological systems, they are also known as biophotons

As the cells hold between 75% - 90% water, they naturally store and emit light or photons, which control vital process. Human DNA is composed of light and emits photons or electromagnetic waves which carry instructions - information - to the cells on how to replicate and behave. If this mechanism does not function correctly, the organism becomes diseased. The light from  DNA, the photons emitted into intracellular fluid, determines the health of reproduced cells.

An increase in the level of coherent light or biophoton activity in the cellular environment will also naturally strengthen the electromagnetic (EM) field of the cell and consequently the overall Biophysical or Auric Field of the body.  This strengthening and expansion of energy fields enhances the Defence Mechanism (immunity) of the whole human organism.

Increasing the photon capacity of water also enhances the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) response in the body for healthier cells and longevity. ATP is the universal energy-carrying molecule manufactured in ALL living cells as a means for capturing and storing energy. ATP is indispensable to the life of a cell and provides energy for numerous cellular activities.


Water Structuring Units Increase Water’s Photon Energy By 83%


These photos show Biophoton Energy Emissions from single drops of water before and after structuring with the Natural Action Structuring water units. The water drops are from well water in Taos, New Mexico. Taos well water  is considered one of the best water sources in the US. Note that the “before” drops demonstrates good Photon Energy.


Images of Photonic Energy  in Sample Water


 Bio-Photon Energy of water Molecule before Water Structuring with Utopic Water Unit


Before Structuring

Image of Enhanced Bio-Photon Energy of water molecule after structuring with Utopic Water Unit


After Structuring


Measurement of BioPhotonic Energies Using the GDV Device



Before Structuring


83%  Increase 

After Structuring         



GDV Device

An advanced aura camera that takes pictures of the energy of the water.



Water structured using Natural Action’s technology produces dramatic improvements in the body’s energy field within minutes of consumption.


Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) imaging (below) shows improved coherency in the energy field of an 83 year old female, within 5 minutes of consuming 4 oz of tap water, processed with a single pass through a Natural Action Technologies portable unit.

The baseline image (left) shows blank spots (lucunas)  in the cerebral area at the back of the head and the transverse colon, both encircled. 

 The image on the right shows the field  after consumption. The blank spots within the circled areas are no longer evident and the entire field is smoother (less spikes) and more uniform.


Structured Water studies are presented by inventor Clayton Nolte (video left)

 Elimination of Staphylococcus Bacteria


A study completed (2009) at a dairy using  Clayton Nolte’s structured water units found that staphylococcus bacteria was eliminated from the water. This, and other important findings were confirmed by independent laboratories.  The study, once published, will be posted on our website,


Listen to an interview with Clayton Nolte about this exciting study. Click on the link below. 

Read about the Study:  click here.

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Illustration of the structuring effect on water when process through a Natural Action Technologies water purifier.

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