Utopic Water, water structuring, water purification, jupiter, kangen water, alkaline water, bio-photon energy, energy, treatment, health benefits, water purifier, Clayton Nolte, anti aging, structured water, Canada, hydration, water, clean water, pure water, healthy waterUtopic Water, water structuring, water purification, jupiter, kangen water, alkaline water, bio-photon energy, energy, treatment, health benefits, water purifier, Clayton Nolte, anti aging, structured water, Canada, hydration, water, clean water, pure water, healthy water


for Natural Action Water Structuring Units               

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee AND  Full Replacement Warranty.


 Dynamically Enhanced Structuring Units 

All units sold on this webstore effective September 1, 2012


The flow-form inside the Dynamically Enhanced Units is the same as the flow-form in the original units, but is made from a combination of rare proprietary materials. These all natural elements within the flow form create an ion effect when water dances across it. Therefore, the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water™ process actually becomes an ion exchange process, which neutralizes manmade EMF energy in the water. Compared to the original units, the energy signature of the processed water is one and a half to two times stronger. The dynamically enhanced units also amplify all of the other benefits of the structured water and reverses the corruptive effects of toxins, especially chlorine, on the water’s attributes. 


The materials in the units imbues the water with,


· Properties that restore our bodies, and the environment.

· Properties that neutralize a vast variety of chemicals and materials that are harmful to your body and nature.

· Properties that have the ability to clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms.

· Properties that neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.

· Properties that increase immunity to illness and disease.

· Properties that rejuvenate the skin.

· Properties that enhance and increase the energy of the structured water.

· Properties that purify water to bring water, as nature intended it to be, to your body.


Structured water is most effective when consumed as close to its source as possible. Structured water has memory and will incorporate the vibration of its immediate surroundings. Although it can be stored in five gallon containers for dispensing at a water unit, it tastes and feels best immediately after it is processed by the Utopic Water Structuring Unit; there might be slight changes in its effectiveness if it is stored for bit of time or is stored in a plastic jug.


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We are personally trained in the science by Clayton Nolte and selling his water structuring units since 2009.


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All Units are the Dynamically Enhanced Version.


20 Year Warranty   90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee   Maintenance Free  

Cost-free Operation   Zero Processing Wait Time   Zero Replaceable/Breakable Parts 


Whole House Unit 

Dynamically Enhanced


Regular Retail Price: $1,479 USD

Sale Price: $1,479CAD   $1,187USD



Bonus Free Portable Unit Offer!

Regular Total Retail Value:

$1,878 USD

  This offer has shipping and handling charge of


$16.00CAD   $12.80USD


The Whole House Unit delivers energized balanced water (in the optimum manner) throughout the home’s plumbing system and flowing at every water faucet including outdoor hose bibs. The unit installs using pressure fittings that attach to the main water line between the water meter and the feed to the hot water tank. The unit can be placed on a well’s holding tank and can also be used in barns for watering livestock.


 This unit provides the full effects of good drinking water, softer skin in the shower, structured water  for the entire house and de-scaling of pipes and fixtures.


Length: Varies  from 16″ to 22″ depending on connector type
Connection Sizes Available: 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″. 

Activation: 24 ball flow form structuring elements


Fittings Available For: Copper, PEX, CPVC, PVC, Galvanized Pipe, and Adaptable National Pipe.


The Adaptable National Pipe Size is suitable for all size pipes, which makes for simple relocation to another home.




Under Sink Unit

Dynamically Enhanced


Regular Retail Price: $499 USD


 Sale Price:  $499CAD   $397USD



The Under Sink Unit is designed to be used in place of purifiers, filters, R/O units and charcoal filters.

This unit dispenses water in the optimum manner for the balanced water to reach your body in its optimum structure, through the cold water outlet at your kitchen faucet. It is easily installed by anyone with a minimum plumbing experience. There is usually a small pipe underneath the kitchen sink which can be removed on the cold water side. A flexible hose on each end of the unit is connected to the two exposed ends where the piece has been removed. The unit is bi-directional and can be mounted in any direction. The Under Sink Unit can be easily uninstalled for relocation elsewhere.


Length:  7.5″ with connectors 8.5″ 

Connection Size: 1/2″ MNPT + two 12″ connecting hoses

Activation: 12 ball flow form structuring elements


Super Shower        Mini Shower


 Regular Retail Prices:


$499USD                        $349USD    



 Sale Prices:


     $499CAD   $397USD       $349CAD $277USD




Shower Units  Dynamically Enhanced    


Experience structured water in the shower for softer skin and all the advantages attributed to a soft water installation, without the deleterious results of the ion exchanges or brine water.  Simply screw off the existing shower head, screw the unit on the pipe, then screw the shower head back onto the shower unit. Can be used to fill the tub or water containers.


The height of the shower head will be reduced by the length of the unit. If this presents a problem, use a special riser pipe, screwed into the stand pipe to lift it above the head. Or, install a hosed shower device, which is usually height adjustable.


Length Including Connectors:  7.5″       Weight: 14 oz. 

Activation: 12 ball flowform structuring elements


Mini Shower Unit 


Connections:  Standard 1/2" diameter threaded pipe
Dimensions:   Height: 5"  Diameter: 2.5"
Weight:  9.4 oz.
Activation: 6 ball flow form structuring elements

Portable Unit with Multiple Uses  

Dynamically Enhanced              


Regular Retail Price: $399 USD




Sale Price:  $399CAD   $317USD



Bonus Free Shower Head Offer!

Regular Total Retail Value:

$648 USD

This offer has a shipping and handling charge of


  $10.00CAD    $8.00USD


The Portable Unit can be used in home or during travel to restructure water, wine, or any beverage. All you need is gravity! In addition to the health benefits, structuring juices of any kind (apple, grape, orange, etc.) brings more flavor to the juice; structuring smooths out the edge of wine and alcohol. 


Dishwasher Safe


* Power-packed with 1/2 the structuring ability of a house unit

* The canister is made with the same, practically indestructible  ABS plastic used for kitchen appliances.

* Embossed with the “Wu Wei”, which means “Natural Action”

in the hand grip area for easier handling.

* Lightweight at just 10 oz.

* Drains easily and can be stored standing on either end.

Length:  7.5″ Diameter: 2-3/8”
Weight:  10 oz.

Activation: 12 ball flow form structuring elements


Unique Benefits of  the Portable unit


1. Use to supercharge the energies of your water and other liquids

2. Use for breathing exercise.


Call for details: 416-222-2368 1-888-993-9123



The Shower head has 6 ball free flow elements, which is the same as the number of free flow elements in the Mini Shower Unit.

Cobalt Blue Showerhead Specifications:

Length: 5-1/2”″ (with connector),  Weight: 7.4 oz. 6 free flow structuring elements


The showerhead can be used separately: To install, simply twist off your existing shower head, and twist on the Cobalt Blue Shower head. 


The Cobalt Blue Shower Head is sold with a One Year Warranty.

To order this special package,


Email: info@vibrancywater.ca




Phone: 416-222-2368


For calls outside the GTA calling area:


Dial Toll Free: 1-888-993-9123


Year End Special Package


Under Sink Unit, Mini Shower Unit, Shower Head, Portable


Total Regular Retail Value: $1,496 USD


Under Sink Unit, Mini Shower Unit,

Structuring Showerhead and Portable Unit


Special Package Price:  $1,196CAD  $957USD

More than Just for Gardens

Dynamically Enhanced 


Small Garden Unit           Large Garden Unit


Regular Retail Prices:


$499USD                        $1,239USD                                



Sale Prices:   

$499CAD  $397USD      $1,239 CAD  $997 USD




The Garden Unit is portable and can be easily and temporarily hooked up to a garden hose faucet; the hose attaches to the unit.  The unit is also suitable for use on a hot tub, RV or bus holding tank. When used for the garden, the structured water breaks down the hardpan soil, leaching harmful salts deeper into the soil. Connection Size:  3/4″ Male + Female Garden Hose Connectors.

Dishwasher Safe


Now You Can.

With a Garden Unit!

Small Unit


Large Unit



Length with connectors: 


8 1/4″


17 1/2″


1 lb, 8 oz

2 lb, 3 oz


Freeflow elements



        When using the Garden Unit for drinking water, a white, non-toxic hose is recommended. This white hose is available from camping, RV, and most hardware stores.

Commercial Unit  (for pipe sizes over 1”)

Dynamically Enhanced


Regular Retail Price: $2,199 USD


Sale Price: $2,199CAD  $1,757USD





Turn Your Pool into Pure Pleasure.


Install it, enjoy the benefits, and forget it. Learn more


The benefits to commercial applications are unlimited as water has an effect on all things. Attach to the swimming pool pump (click on image below for pricing) to continuously circulate structured water in pool and minimize or eliminate the need for chemicals or other agents. There are many applications of this product, many of which are under development right now. If you have an application that you think will benefit from structured water, then please contact us to speak with our research team to find out if it already underway.

Increase the health and vitality of your business by adding structured water to your operations. Whether it be a farm, restaurant, hotel, resort, swimming pool, salon & spa, production facility, or green house, we guarantee that the effects of this subtle energy will be reflected throughout your business.

We currently have units to fit from 1-1/4” up to 2”, Adaptable/National Pipe Thread with Unions, PVC Pipe and Galvanized Pipe.  For larger applications, please contact us for a consultation of your needs.


Length: 22-3/4”   Weight: 5lb to 7lb

Activation: 24 Flow Form Structuring Elements

"The units themselves are pretty basic. There are no moving parts, no chemicals, no filters, no magnets, no electricity needed to run this. The inside is Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry has to do with everything. It IS everything. Basically this unit helps water to go back to its perfect structure that it has in nature. Structured water has a life force energy. Anything good for life is carried on the outside of the water molecule and easily assimilated. Anything not good for life is pulled to the inside of the molecule and shielded. So life becomes the filter, passing through and going back into nature. Structured water has a balanced spin of counter-rotating fields. The more balanced the spin, the more equal, the more pure the structure. Living water in its natural state has the same counter-rotating fields. All I've done is create a balanced field so water can remember its natural state."

Clayton Note, Inventor of  Natural Action Water structuring units.




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Whole House Unit

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