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Utopic Water, water structuring, water purification, jupiter, kangen water, alkaline water, bio-photon energy, energy, treatment, health benefits, water purifier, Clayton Nolte, anti aging, structured water, Canada, hydration, water, clean water, pure water, healthy waterUtopic Water, water structuring, water purification, jupiter, kangen water, alkaline water, bio-photon energy, energy, treatment, health benefits, water purifier, Clayton Nolte, anti aging, structured water, Canada, hydration, water, clean water, pure water, healthy waterUtopic Water, water structuring, water purification, jupiter, kangen water, alkaline water, bio-photon energy, energy, treatment, health benefits, water purifier, Clayton Nolte, anti aging, structured water, Canada, hydration, water, clean water, pure water, healthy water













































































Rejuvenating and supercharging humans, animals, plants, food, baking,

beverages, dishwashing, laundry, pool, ...whatever the use.


The proprietary materials in the units imbues the water with,


· Properties that restore our bodies, and the environment.

· Properties that neutralize a vast variety of chemicals and materials that are harmful to your body and nature.

· Properties that have the ability to clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms.

· Properties that neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields.

· Properties that increase immunity to illness and disease.

· Properties that rejuvenate the skin.

· Properties that enhance and increase the energy of the structured water.

· Properties that purify water to bring water, as nature intended it to be, to your body.


Reported Benefits



* Fresh invigorating water

* Refreshing showers & bath

* Cleaner hot tubs & spas without chemicals

* No more irritations from pollutants

* Less soap consumed when washing

* Skin & hair looks & feels better

* Prevents dry itchy skin

* Wonderful anti aging properties

* Improves health, less joint & muscle pain,

* More energy

* Increased Potential Hydrogen (PH) 7.5 +

* Improves quality of life

* Promotes long life

* Increases absorption of medications, vitamins, &  minerals

* Clear, harder ice cubes

* Vigorous plant growth

* Greener lawns less fertilizer

* Less chlorine required for pools

* Reduced corrosion & deposits

* Reduced odors around/in bathrooms & toilets

* Removes existing calcium & aragonite deposits—spotless dishes

* Prevents & removes corrosion & increases   the life span of pipes, hot water heaters, dishwashers, swamp-coolers, water heating systems, ice makers, etc.

* Improves ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures

* Cleaner healthier fish tanks

* Less algae growth in ponds & lakes

* Cut flowers last longer

* Healthier livestock & pets

* Improved crops & garden growth ( studies have shown bio-mass increases of 27% to 40%)

* Improved aerobic bacterial activity in all septic & sewage systems

* Reduces anaerobic bacteria

* Better tasting  tea, coffee & juices


Research has demonstrated that Structured Water:

Helps increase or improve Hydration on an intra-and extra– cellular level in 22 minutes.

Helps detoxify the cells through superior hydration.

Helps balance pH by establishing more alkalinity

Helps double the immune system response in only 7 days.

Helps reduce blood pressure.

Helps increase Oxygen content in the blood (helps alleviate altitude sickness).

Helps increase thought processing, mental awareness and creativity.

Helps reduce swollen joints that are associated with arthritis.

Helps establish better health and overall vitality.


Benefits in Landscaping /agriculture


Structured water is “wetter water” so it penetrates the soil, carrying sodium, magnesium and other clogging elements deeper into the soil. This allows greater root penetration and fewer salts which bind the top soil. Crops grow bigger, faster, more uniform, healthier and 3 times more nutritious (Brix measurement)  Other observed benefits:


* Healthier landscape — greener lawns, more vibrant trees and shrubs.

* Improved growth of crops with increased biomass (27% to 40%)

* Healthier household plants

* Reduces the amount of water required (up to 50%)

* Increased resistance to drought and pests

* Increased resilience to lower temperatures due to lower freezing temperature


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 Reports on observed benefits can be read in the March 2012 and June 2012 newsletters.


Why is Structured Water Beneficial?


Quite simply, because structured water is alkalinizing, hydrates the cells, delivers high levels of photon energy, oxygen and hydrogen to each cell, and removes waste products. And, It does all this more effectively than any other water.


Further details…




Good health is determined by the cells' ability to receive water. A child is 86% water but this is reduced to 65% with aging.  The brain is 96% water. It is commonly stated that 2/3 of the water in the body is contained within the cells (intracellular fluid) and 1/3 is maintained outside the cells (extracellular fluid.) Maintaining/acquiring good health free of  diseases and depends on proper Hydration. Water holds and transports all the information in the body, while concurrently feeding the cells necessary minerals and nutrients.

Structured water instantly hydrates the cells. This is because the reduced surface tension and cluster size of the structured water molecules makes the water molecules easily absorbable by the cells.

Photon Energy

Testing of water processed with teh Natural Action Water  structured water units have shown upwards of 89%  higher Photon energy emissions (see Test Results). This elevation in photon energy emissions results in increases in energy transfer potential across cellular DNA/RNA enhancing cell vibration, as well as improved cell division/mitosis for healthier growth and development. 


Oxygen provides the energy that the cells and organs need to function at the best of their abilities. A continuous supply of Energy and matter is needed for cells to maintain their form. Extracellular fluid (the fluid outside the cells) depends on more available Oxygen. · 90% of all “life energy” is created by Oxygen. All functions in the body are regulated by oxygen. The brain processes billions of bits of information per second—Thanks to Oxygen.

Oxygen-rich structured water is readily accepted by the body and helps energize the body. Structured water supports aerobic bacteria and kills anaerobic bacteria. Because Structured Water contains stable oxygen, it does not dissipate immediately.  This added oxygen can help to raise oxygen content in the blood by up to 10 points on a 100 point scale. Low oxygen content in the blood can be associated with poor health and headaches. 

Alkalinity—Balanced pH


pH refers to “ potential hydrogen” and is the measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration, in a fluid. Living things depend on a proper pH level to sustain life. All human beings and animals rely on internal mechanisms to maintain the pH level of their blood. The blood flowing through the veins must have a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Exceeding this range by as little as one-tenth of a pH unit could prove fatal. The pH of other body fluids is around 7.4; the pH of fluid outside the cell (extracellular) is slightly higher than inside the cells.( Inner cellular consumption depends on more available Hydrogen.), Balanced ph stops the buildup of free radicals in the body, which are the source of aging, cancer and the destruction of healthy cells. Much of the tap water, deionized water, and most bottled water has a pH of around 5.5-6.5.


The ph of structured water is a balanced 7.2 –7.5. This range is considered “alkaline” and water in this range is “alkalinizing”.


Hydrogen Ions


Drinking Structured Water throughout each day assists the body’s ability to be energized via delivery of hydrogen “fuel” (hence, the term hydration), and to flush toxins and metabolic waste.

The process of oxidation produces free radicals leading to the damage of  millions of the body's cells. (This process is also considered the “aging process”.)  Hydrogen ions stop the free radical damage that causes oxidation and, ultimately, aging.


Structured water is loaded with negative hydrogen ions. (See below for more about Hydrogen Ions and oxidation.)


Other Life Giving Characteristics

The main issue in determining whether the water will have a beneficial or detrimental effect — will be energy rich, or deficient — lies in its organizational “structure.” Water that is not structured takes precious mineral resources from the body resulting in a net-depletion. 


During structuring with the Natural Action Technologies Water Unit, any materials in the water also become structured, making the materials unable to assimilate in the body, and erasing information about the material. This creates life-giving rather than energy-taking water.


More About Hydrogen Ions


"Hydrogen is the fuel of life." All  food  releases hydrogen which is burned by oxygen in the final chemical reaction releasing the energy that makes ATP, the fuel that actually runs our bodies. Carbohydrates are one-third carbon, one-third hydrogen and one-third oxygen. Enzymes in the body called dehydrogenases function  to loosen hydrogen on the consumed food so that the hydrogen (hydrogen is the fuel) can be burned by oxygen, releasing energy  The carbon and oxygen left on the carbohydrate turns into carbon dioxide gas which is released in breathe and the plants breathe that in. That is called the Krebs cycle. Hydrogen is the energy source that runs the body; it is the energy source that fuels the universe; it is the energy source that runs the sun. Hydrogen makes up 90 percent of the mass of the universe. Hydrogen is the carrier of electrons in the living system, and no electrons are carried anywhere in the living system unless it is attached to hydrogen. Hydrogen is the carrier of all electrons in all chemical reactions. Cells, proteins and tissues in the body store hydrogen in huge quantities in such a way that  enzymes are not needed to use that hydrogen. And Hydrogen has a lot to do with cellular division itself and it is the secret of cellular division.


When certain chemicals in the body lose an electron, they become positively charged (and are called "free radicals" or "oxidants"). These chemicals roam freely through the rest of the body stealing electrons from other cells. Free radicals damage cellular DNA. The majority of modern science has come to the conclusion that free radical damage in the human body is the cause of aging. Science has also discovered that aging is not a natural function of time passing. Aging is evidence of the damage to millions of the body's cells through oxidation. This oxidation is due to the lack of Hydrogen ions that are available to stop free radical damage.


Every time structured water is used, it contributes to the creation of a green environment, and not its further destruction. — Clayton Nolte, Inventor, Natural Action Water Structuring Devices



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