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Wondrous New Insights on Water Purity and The Body’s Identify 


By Liala Ackerman, Structured Water Expert, Advanced Health Technologies 

This article was published September 1, 2017 in Vitality Magazine



Findings in water research have radically altered understanding of healthy water, its relationship to the body and the body’s identity. It has been revealed that water in its primordial healthful state is a crystalline liquid gel (H302). The molecules within the gel are energetically balanced, organized in a symmetrical geometric coherent arrangement and wholly fit to efficiently serve the body’s water needs. Further that water has ‘memory’ that stores energetic imprints of everything it encounters on its journey. Testing shows the innate properties and energies that render water biologically useful, are diminished or completely lost when its memory fills with incoherent energy patterns and when water is moved through straight pipes or processed by manmade systems.  For water to be entirely healthful, its memory must be clean and its innate properties, coherence and balanced energies restored.


Water As Nature Intended For Life


Clayton Nolte, a water researcher and inventor for over 30 years claims “no water treatment developed by humans can remake water to match Nature’s original blueprint, because the blueprint and associated tools belong to Nature”. Therein lies the rationale in Nolte’s water modifying invention that processes regular tap or bottled water- even as little as 1 teaspoon of water, under conditions where natural phenomenon almost immediately remakes the water into healthful H302 water. The conditions in his ‘biomimetic” device create the same events as take place in Nature when water is restored to its original healthful design; such as when water rushes down a mountain stream or through a water current.


Nolte calls his invention a “water structuring” technology to correspond with the term, “Structured Water”. Water scientists apply that term to distinguish wholly healthful water (H302), which has a defining set of characteristics not found in any other water (H20).  Cell hydration and waste removal with water that is not Structured Water can take days and involves the transport of far less than what water is engineered to carry. Whereas, the physical features of the Structured Water molecule make it instantly absorbable and able to immediately enter and exit the cell.  Structured Water hydrates the cell instantly, is governed by a mandate to release only beneficial information to the cells and has an immense storage capacity. The importance of clearing water’s memory to free up its storage capacity is underscored by Structured Water scientist and researcher Dr. Carly Nuday. For, she describes the storage capacity of a single water molecule as “exponentially greater than the capacity of small solid state crystals that are capable of storing the entire Library of Congress”.


In contrast to ordinary water (H20), the Structured Water molecule has an abundance of oxygen, bio-photons and negative hydrogen ions. The oxygen contained in Structured Water is stable oxygen, which means it does not dissipate immediately. Such oxygen helps create an environment that supports aerobic (health promoting) bacteria and is adverse to anaerobic (cell damaging) viruses, pathogens, bacteria and parasites. Bio-photons- also referred to as life-force energy, strengthen the body’s immune system. The abundant hydrogen in the Structured Water molecule “fuels” the body and is in perfect balance.  Structured Water is naturally driven to maintain a potential hydrogen (pH) of 7.2 –7.5, which is the proper pH life depends on for sustained vitality. Structured Water also carries a full repertoire of life important minerals.


Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging


The finest naturally occurring waters that are regarded as “healing water” are Structured Waters. Structured Water has been found to reside in only one other place: healthy cells. Research shows the greater the structuring of the water around the cells and DNA of our body, the healthier the body. Water is actually part of the structure of each cell and Structured Water is associated with proper cellular functioning. Washington University Bio-Engineer professor and Structured Water expert, Dr. Gerald Pollack explains:


"the water inside your cells is absolutely critical for your health. If you have pathology of an organ, it's not only the proteins inside that organ that are not working, but also the water inside that organ. That near-protein water is not ordered in the way it should be. “Excerpt from Dr. Pollack interview with Dr.  Marcela’, January 29, 2011.


As a precursor of dis-ease, the loss of Structured Water in the body has diagnostic value.  Researchers at the University of Southern California successful showed the loss of organizational structure in cell waters served as reliable predictors of pre-pathological conditions - undetectable diseases that eventually produce symptoms over time.


Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize winner in medicine, explains water’s intimate connection to health and longevity thusly: 


“The cell is immortal, it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever." 


Taking care to properly serve the body’s need for healthful water takes on ever greater importance in view of Dr. Gerald Pollack’s declaration that, in terms of molecular count, water molecules make up over 99% of the body. In her 2014 review of paradigm-shifting discoveries in water science (“Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment”) Dr. Carly Nuday concludes the body’s water creates and stores individual consciousness, stores karma and reflects evolution of both the individual and collective unconscious. Further, that the body’s water intelligently computes information in the body’s water system and is in fact, the perceiver and the thinker; which makes each individual “ the single, most malleable computer “.


Structured Water from Your Tap



The quality of water produced using Nolte’s invention has been verified by Structured Water experts and the water’s profound benefits have been demonstrated in testing on humans and in agricultural applications. Toronto’s Dr. Raman Gokal, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrologist anticipates the water from Nolte’s device may have profound benefits for the betterment of mankind. Further research and studies are needed especially in humans. He is, planning studies to investigate the structured water’s usefulness for dialysis and kidney disease patients (his area of specialty), which will be both cellular (in vitro) and clinically based.


Natural Action Technologies (NAT) manufactures devices that house Nolte’s water structuring technology. NAT’s wide range of Structured Water Units make Structured Water conveniently available when traveling and in homes, swimming pools, spas, farms, business and industry. Vibrancy Water, which is a Canadian seller of NAT’s units since 2009, specializes in units that include L-8 Transceiver Technology that is added to the units by Nolte. L-8 Transceiver Technology was developed for remediation of technologically-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). EMFS are known to be biologically destabilizing and are generated in the operation of household (AC) electricity, cell phones, and wireless technological devices. L-8 Structured Water is engineered to meld the bio-energy field of the consumer - human, animal or plant, with Earth’s bio-energetic field. This depth of grounding protects against EMFs and enhances accessibility to vitalizing planetary frequencies. L-8 Structured Water also has the potential to make a beneficial change to the fields generated by EMF emitters.


About the author: Liala Ackerman is the developer of L-8 Transceiver Technology and was personally trained by Clayton Nolte, a pioneer in Structured Water technology. She is the owner and operator of Advanced Health Technologies, a distributor for Nolte's water structuring units since 2009 and previously the exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm EMF Protection Products (2007 – 2016).


Logo for Vibrancy Water. The logo  includes the geometric symbol for our EMF, 5G, radiation blocking technology.


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