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A new trend is forming regarding consumption of water. A recent article published by the New York Times covered the new trend of people seeking untreated water. The title was “A Rush to Get Off the Water Grid.” Billed as “raw water” – unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water. Companies are bottling this water and promoting the benefits. They contend that the wrong kind of filtration has negative effects on the water from removing essential minerals and micro-organisms. Influential supporters from Silicon Valley have propelled the “off the grid” water movement from the fringe phenomena it once was.

Natural Action Technologies emulates the critical natural flow qualities found in mountain streams and rivers, which restore water’s natural properties. Often dubbed the “world’s greatest solvent”; water is its own filter. Through copying motion and material properties which enhance this natural quality, Natural Action supports the idea of no or limited filtration. Whether tap or spring, “The life-giving properties and natural directives of water enhanced,” says Clayton Nolte.


Obviously, beginning with better source water- such as spring water is desired. However, this is not a viable alternative for high-density populations and distribution. Mr. Singh, founder of Live Water, states about reverse osmosis filtering: “You’re going to get 99% of the bad stuff out, but you have dead water.” Even spring water can contain harmful contaminants. Structured water potentially reduces this possibility by increasing the oxygen availability within the water. “Even if you filter the water completely,” says Nolte, “there is still a signature of energy that remains in the water.” NAT Structured Water deals with this component through its double-helix technology. Many scientists in history have studied the possibility of memory within water. In the simplest sense, this possibility seems overwhelmingly true. Even some very rigid scientific approaches have made very viable cases.


The vortex technology, which intensely copies the polarized state of water in natural water courses, is theorized to “erase the noise” recorded within the water. It is theorized that the water records the vibrations of its environment in which it finds itself. If this environment is laden with WIFI, toxins, chemicals and other non-natural compounds, these vibrations are stored in layers similar to a computer crystal. We are essentially “consuming bad vibrations.” It could be compared to having to listen to music that is out of tune, and the human body may have a similar expression on the inside.


There are consequences for every action. Whether the “raw water” movement continues to grow or not, there is a consciousness changing around water. The simple phrase “No water – no life” comes to mind. Sometimes we overlook the obvious. It is none the less good to see a major newspaper discussing living water, and the implications it may have relating to the respect and treatment of one of the planet’s most precious resources. It’s a great foundation to begin from.


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A New Trend in Water

A small waterfall over rocks in a forested area, seen from a three-quarter angle, with the water blurred reflecting a longer exposure

Influential supporters from Silicon Valley have propelled the “off the grid” water movement from the fringe phenomena it once was.


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