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The start of the pool season brings the annual season-long worries about maintaining water that is clean, clear, odourless, and safe for humans, animals, and plants. Pool owners want to ensure when achieving this end, algae is controlled and pool surfaces, liners, equipment etc. are protected from staining, scaling and corrosion. As pool owners know, the key to a problem-free pool is to create a “balanced” pool, with pH and Total Alkalinity levels within the ideal ranges. Accomplishing this normally requires ongoing maintenance and expense throughout the pool season.


Water restructuring, a technology that completely ignores the conventional chemistry-based approach to swimming pool maintenance, promises to help the pool owner maintain water that is balanced, safe and luxurious, with less pool chemicals and effort than is possible with any other means of water treatment.


Typically, water structuring technology emulates events in nature that are known to purify and renew water. Such as when water actively descends a mountain, tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, and flows through twists and turns. Structured water – water with its natural properties and energies restored, is ideally suited for use in swimming pools. It is balanced, naturally driven to be balanced, and creates an environment deleterious to bacteria and algae. Structured water:


is naturally driven to pH in the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.5;

self-generates Total Alkalinity (TA) levels ideal for a balanced pool supported by the neutral pH (7.2 -7.5) and naturally occurring high hydrogen ion content;

is naturally highly oxygenated so it decomposes and extinguishes the organic “muck”, bacteria and algae feed on;

neutralizes toxins harmful to humans, animals and plants;

neutralizes calcium and hard minerals that mar pool surfaces and equipment; and

neutralizes the effects of TSS (total suspended solids) and

TDS (total dissolved solids) .


Today’s testing instruments makes it possible for manufacturers of water structuring devices to show consumers evidence of the effectiveness of their water restoration technology with research that examines the water’s molecular structure and properties, its energetic properties, and the properties of any matter in the water (minerals, chemicals).



Photo right shows sample of neutral tap water, Bottighofen, Switzerland before onetime

processing with a water structuring device.90 degree lines give evidence of toxins.

Photo left shows the same tap water after structuring. The star shaped structures

normally only appear in very high quality water of natural origin.


Above photos courtesy of Hagalis AG, a  testing laboratory in Germany


Research shows water restored through restructuring is dynamically energized making it more vitalizing and more buoyant. It is also less dense and the surfaces of the molecules less “tough” making it feel softer. Testing shows the structuring process has a neutralizing effect on toxins (elements harmful to living organisms), as well as on calcium and other hard minerals contained in the water. Structuring causes calcium and other minerals to dissolve into solution, effectively deterring their adhesion to hard surfaces and thereby preventing scaling, staining and corrosion.


With the structuring device installed in-line on a re-circulating swimming pool, the bather’s experience is as swimming in Earth’s finest naturally occurring waters. The experience is radically different from any other pool water. Those pools contain chemicals delivered in the city tap water used to fill and top up the pool and from pool maintenance products. Such pools will also contain wastes from sweat, cosmetics, suntan lotions, body oils, urine, contaminants brought in by rain or wind, bird droppings, dead bugs and small animals that "visit" the pool. As the pool season progresses, the water is taken further and further away from its natural essence. This often leads to unfavourable water conditions that require water be replaced partially (by backwash) or, eventually drained and replaced


My test of a water structuring pool device for 7 continuous months in Toronto, Canada, produced results consistent with manufacturer claims and field test reports. The pool water was consistently sparkling blue, clear and soft to the touch. There was no need for swim goggles and bathers commented that their hair and skin felt softer. Readings were consistently ideal, without the use of agents of any kind over the 7 months, other than 4 gallons of household bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite, the active agent also generated by salt water pool systems). The bleach was used to control algae during hot spells, however algae was not an ongoing problem as in previous years. Use of the device nearly completely eliminated the yellow staining on the pool’s white plaster floor and walls, which was also an ongoing problem in prior years. There were many pool parties and visits by wildlife. The rainfall during the test period was unseasonably high.


Water structuring pool devices that emulate Nature in their operation, offer further time and cost savings benefits. Specifically, the units operate using only Nature’s laws – no electricity, gas, salt or other agents, making the unit itself completely maintenance-free.  Units are sold with a guaranteed test period and 10 year warranty.


Liala Ackerman was personally trained in the science of Structured Water and water structuring technology by Clayton Nolte. She is the owner of Advanced Health Technologies, a distributor for water structuring units invented by Clayton Nolte. She markets these units at


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With the structuring device installed in-line on a re-circulating swimming pool, the bather’s experience is as swimming in Earth’s finest naturally occurring waters. The experience is radically different from any other pool water.


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