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Logo for Vibrancy Water and  link to the homepage. The logo shows 2 counter rotating swirls symbolizing the multi vortex water technology that is built into the Vibrancy Water structuring device.







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The Developers of the Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit

Circle-shaped symbol associated with Optimum-A Water Structuring Technology, which is exclusive to the Vibrancy Water Structured Unit.

Circle-shaped 9- petal symbol associated with Imunity+ Technology exclusive to the Vibrancy Water Structured Unit.

Circle-shaped symbol associated with  L-8 Transceiver Technology, which is exclusive to the Vibrancy Water Structured Unit.


Structuring Technology



L=8 Transceiver




Clayton Nolte

Co-Developer, Optimum-A Structuring Technology

Inventor, Immunity+ Technology


Clayton Nolte, co-developer of the Vibrancy Water Structured Water Unit and inventor of Immunity+ Technology that is exclusive to the water sdtructuring device. Clayton is the Father of the Structured Water Unit invented in 2005 and sold since 2010 by Natural Action Technologies (NAT)


"When one understands our innate life blood and Structured Water are one and the same; the truth of Nature, we then know we are standing in the doorway to fulfill our Destiny. We are in the Grace of Receivership.”  Clayton Nolte 


Clayton Nolte is a researcher and inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies. He spent much of the last forty-five years exploring physics, math and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life. He is the Inventor of the Structured Water Unit, which he sold to the public starting in 2005. Clayton developed the unit to emulate Nature's Water Structuring Technology and thereby, enhance life, clarity and consciousness.


Clayton's technology was founded on natural water structuring principles identified by Viktor Schauberger (1885 –  1958). The unit contained elements, which Clayton called “flowforms” and a finely turned environment, to influence water’s behavior as it passed through the unit. He sold the units under the labels, “Nature’s Touch”, “The Fluid Machine”, “Utopic Water”, “Photonic Water” and since 2010, “Natural Action”. He also sold the unit to companies that applied their own labels.  


Since its introduction, promotion of Clayton’s Structured Water Unit helped raise public awareness of Structured Water (also referred to as, “Living”, “Hexagonal”, “Vortexed”, “Functional” and “EZ” water) and inspired others to imitate his technology and products. 


After advancing past his 8th decade, Clayton researched ways to improve his health and longevity. While doing so, he gained an even deeper understanding of water’s behavior and potential as a life supporting agent. He ultimately developed his Immunity+ Technology as well as new insights on advanced water structuring techniques- ways to create greater energy production and coherence than what was achieved using his original technology. The Vibrancy Structured Water Unit fulfills those insights as well Clayton’s desire that Immunity+ be an integral part of water structuring devices. 



Liala Ackerman

Co-Developer, Optimum-A Structuring Technology

Inventor, L-8 Transceiver Technology


Liala Ackerman, co-developer of the Vibrancy Water structuring unit, inventor of the exclusive integrated L-8 EMF remediating Technology and fiormerly the exclusive Canadian distributor for EarthCalm EMF protection products.


Liala’s expertise evolved from her undergraduate and doctoral studies in Psychology, her search for natural solutions to personal long term impairments and mentoring by pioneers in energy-based health treatment (Dr. Ravi Devgan), Bio-energetic Grounding (Jean Gallick) and Applied Water Research (Clayton Nolte). Liala founded Advanced Health Technologies (AHT), a Canadian business she started in 2007, to promote and sell state-of-the-art consumer health products. Liala operated www.earthcalm.ca, as the exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm products from 2008 to 2016. She eventually focused her business strictly on Clayton Nolte’s Structured Water units, which she sold on her website, Vibrancy Water, since 2009..The reason being, Liala is convinced Structured Water furnishes us with utmost life-affirming ways, to support innate potential.


Inspired by Clayton, Liala developed L-8 Transceiver Technology for EMF remediation and with Clayton’s help, integrated the technology into the Structured Water Units she sold, since 2017. Following a fortuitous meeting with master engineer and inventor, Irvon Weber, in 2021, Liala asked Clayton to work with her and Irvon on a new line of Structured Water Units, that would incorporate advanced structuring technology, his Immunity+ Technology and her L-8 Transceiver Technology.



Liala is passionate about educating the public about the revised view of human biology that is emerging from findings in Structured Water and in the areas of Quantum Biology and Epigenetics. This website reflects that passion; except where noted, she wrote the contents of this website and created its images.


Irvon Weber

Co-Developer, Optimum-A Structuring Technology


Irvon Weber, co-developer of the Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit, Chief Technology Officer, inventor and founder of KanKorp.


 “I’m happy to be involved with a group who knew exactly what was needed and how to achieve it.” Irvon Weber 


Irvon is a highly proficient inventor and engineer, who has designed and built innovative and widely used recycling machinery. He is Chief Technology Officer, inventor and founder (1975) of KANKORP. “KANKORP is a Canadian company that specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art technical solutions for the environmentally conscious specialty waste industry” (www.kankorp.com).


His pioneering inventions incorporate a briquette producing “densification” technology, developed by Irvon. The associated high-capacity machinery engineered by Irvon, efficiently convert waste, including used car oil, hazardous products and industrial by-products, into fuel and saleable commodities. Irvon’s machines are used by thousands of automotive facilities throughout North America, aerospace facilities throughout North America, recycling centres within military bases, recycling facilities in Europe, Australia and the United States and Nuclear facilities in Canada and South Korea.


In 1990, Irvon won an international competition to develop and install a prototype machine, for processing filters and metal cans on US Naval warships. According to Irvon, "this was a significant environmental “win” as previously this waste was dumped at sea". He was awarded (2004) “Best Available Technology” in the United Kingdom for his development and manufacture of the first high capacity, fully automatic hazardous waste processor for full or partially full propane cylinders, paint cans and aerosol cans—serious environmental hazards. Irvon attributes the success of the technology, to its ability to capture the propellant for recycling. These large scale units are in operation in Europe, Australia, and the United States.


Irvon developed prototypes, on behalf of a client, for magnetic water treatment, during the 1990’s. The project did not proceed, but fostered his interest in naturally revitalized water and im Dr. Emoto’s work. When asked by Liala and Clayton to join in the development of new technology and new products, he eagerly agreed, because he “was excited by their depth of understanding, motivation and enthusiasm”.





Logo for Vibrancy Water and  link to the homepage. The logo shows 2 counter rotating swirls symbolizing the multi vortex water technology that is built into the Vibrancy Water structuring device.


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