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Outline of a human body filled with Structured Water.   Twisted double helix representing the natural flow of water spiral

The Vibrancy Structured Water Unit Reflects a New Paradigm in the Biological Sciences


By Liala Ackerman, Structured Water Expert, Advanced Health Technologies 


Water’s true nature has been observed. This life-important liquid contains a living crystalline network of molecules. Researchers identified distinguishing characteristics of wholly life supporting natural water (i.e. Hunza and Lourdes “healing” waters), which represent water in its wild state - a pure manifestation of Nature’s original grand design. This water is actually a gel-like liquid crystal. It has been found to reside in only one other place: the body’s healthy cells. This water having a distinct unique structure and set of properties is referred to as “Structured Water”.


Symmetrical 6 pointed star formed by clusters of Structured Water molecules.


Some of the Characteristic Differences Between

Structured Water and Regular Potable Water  [1]



Structured Water

Regular Water

Instantly Hydrating


No, cell entry can take days

Zero Point Hydration



Hydrogen Quality

In Perfection


Naturally Alkaline



Molecular Arrangement

Perfectly Aligned


Molecule group sizing


meets size limit for cell entry

80 - 100

exceeds size limit for cell entry

Balanced Energies



Neutralizing Effect on Toxins




Compared to regular water, Structured Water excels as a detoxifier and as a courier of nutrients and has significantly more bioavailable:


Negative Hydrogen Ions, Oxygen, Beneficial Minerals, Electrolytes and Bio-photonic energies

(Bio-photons appear as light in water and are also referred to as “Life Force Energy”).


Structured Water also has a positive effect on energy, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption.


Discoveries about the cell membrane and cellular uptake, indicate the water molecule must have a specific set of physical attributes and a specific pattern of energies in order to be truly beneficial - and not injurious to the human body, vegetation etc.. As expected, Nature-made Structured Water is exactly right for all life on this planet


Bio-water research emphatically underscores the importance of consuming water that is fit for the body. Such as research by University of Washington Bioengineering Professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack. He has worked extensively to investigate the characteristics and behavior of water in biological entities and to share information about Structured Water. [2] Some of his revolutionary conclusions are that:


1. Water molecules constitute over 99% of the human body’s total molecules;


2. Cell functioning is tied to the electromagnetic interface between cells and energies of surrounding water molecules.


Researchers have verified there is an intimate connection between health status and the quality of cellular water – whether it is structured or disorganized. In fact, the deterioration of Structured Water in the body has predictive value:


“The feedback loop between the loss of structure in the body's water and the manifestation and development of disease is no longer theory. Researchers at the University of Southern California have successfully measured disruptions in cell waters that predict pre-pathological conditions - diseases that are undetectable and don't yet display any symptoms, but which will develop into symptoms over time”.[3] 


Research indicates non-natural water treatment processes and modern-day water delivery methods adversely alter the physical and energetic properties of water. Further, that water strives to restore its original structured state and, therefore, leaches from its consumer and from the surrounding environment to repair deficiencies. This means when deficient water is consumed, the body fails to receive content nature intended, and the body is robbed a second time by the deficient water!


In response to diminishing access in modern times to the water Nature intended for life, water researcher and inventor, Clayton M. Nolte, developed and introduced the first Nature-emulating (Biomimetic) water structuring technology for public use. Since introducing his proven technology, which used “flowforms”, Clayton has co-developed a more advanced water structuring technology. Both his earlier and later technologies are completely Nature driven and, therefore, self-powered and maintenance free. Devices built with Nolte’s water structuring, evoke water to spin in a balanced  multi=directional vortexes, same as the action that has been identified as producing Structured Water in Nature; this is the specific process whereby Nature restores water’s natural properties and potential and rids water of biologically adverse elements. [4] The process occurs in Nature when water actively descends down a mountain stream, tumbles over rocks, down waterfalls and flows through twists and turns.


Nature’s water structuring process has a profoundly different effect on water borne impurities than what is achieved by conventional water purification processes. Those methods seek to remediate by adding or removing “things”, but fail to remove biologically harmful energies that are present in water. The presence/absence of such energies is important to health, because Science has learned adverse biological effects of toxins are reaction to the toxin’s energy pattern - electromagnetic information, rather than the toxin’s physical/chemical matter. Water’s potential for carrying toxic energies is immense; for each water molecule has 440,000 storage panels that carry recorded energy patterns (electromagnetic signatures) of everything water contacts in its journey. Further, water molecules maintain the collected energies even after the associated particles or chemicals are gone from the water. [5]


The images below show examples of the usually invisible, radiating energy

that emits from all living and non-living things.


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Images courtesy of IUMAB, International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography


Nature’s water structuring process also impacts matter that is present in the water in a way that disables potential harm.


Discoveries about bio-water and the properties of Structured Water has upended conventional ideas about cellular activity, memory, consciousness, thought processes ….overall human functioning. The resulting new scientific model sees the human body as a water vessel that is explainable by applying the principles of energy. Further, the body’s water is seen as both a carrier of energies that direct cellular activity and the carrier of the life force energy that fuels DNA. [6][7]



Vibrancy Water’s structuring technology, Optimum-A, optimizes the processes that occur during structuring. Optimum-A and Nolte’s Immunity+ Technology are included, exclusively, in the Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit. The unit also includes exclusive L-8 Transceiver technology, which is engineered to remediate the effects of technologically made electromagnetic field frequencies, The units are sold by VibrancyWater and are available for a variety of applications (portable use (using tap or bottled water), under sink, shower, whole house, swimming pool, industry, farm).



Visit  https://www.vibrancywater.ca for further details about the properties and benefits of Structured Water, the water structuring devices mentioned here, research findings and more.




[1] See About Structured Water for a more extensive listing of characteristic differences. Information is regularly updated as new findings are published.

[2] To learn more about Dr. Gerald Pollack’s research see: http://faculty.washington.edu/ghp

[3] Carly Nuday, Water Codes, The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment. Amazon Books, 2014

[4] The work of Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) represents the first recorded observations of the mechanisms that produce energized wholly life supporting water in Nature. A collection of his work is available to read and download for free at https://archive.org/details/ViktorSchaubergerLivingEnergiesViktorSchaubergersBrilliantWorkWithNaturalEnergyExplained2001

[5]See “Your Water Has Memory” the documentary presentation of a 2015 study at the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany. The study produced compelling visual depiction of imprints formed in water by human energies and energies from flowers.

Also see the documentary, “WATER - The Great Mystery” which presents discoveries in Structured Water research in a compilation of interviews with expert scientists and theologians.

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A comprehensive collection of structured water science findings are examined in relation to spirituality by Carly Nuday, Water Codes, The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment. Amazon Books, 2014

See also Water Memory, the 2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier. The film relates his test of Quantum Field Theory – using water, DNA and energy and the reaction of the established scientific community to his findings and conclusions.  http://tinyurl.com/j27vztt

[7] To learn about the emerging scientific view of an electrical universe, view Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie. The movie is produced by a group of Cosmologists, who are also the founders of the Thunderbolt Project (www.thunderbolts.info). 




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Liala Ackerman was personally trained in the science of Structured Water and water structuring technology by Clayton Nolte. She is the owner of Advanced Health Technologies, which markets Structured Water units manufactured by Vibrancy Water/ Liala is the developer of L-8 Transceiver Technology. The Vibrancy Water structuring unit is available at www.vibrancywater.ca.


Logo for Vibrancy Water and  link to the homepage. The logo shows 2 counter rotating swirls symbolizing the multi vortex water technology that is built into the Vibrancy Water structuring device.


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