Dr. Raman Gokal, (Toronto, Canada) FRCP, FASN, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Nephrologist, has planned studies in conjunction with colleagues in Manchester UK, to investigate the usefulness of the structured water made with the NAT Structured Water Unit, for kidney failure patients undergoing dialysis (his area of specialty). The trials will be overseen Dr. Sandip Mitra of Manchester University, UK, and will consist of clinical evaluation in dialysis patients and invitro analysis of aquaporin expression and mitochondrial function. Dr. Gokal anticipates “the outcomes could have far ranging implications for the benefit of mankind”.


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Manchester University of England Medical Trial


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Dr. Gokal’s venture has a goal of $100k to initiate these studies. 


Natural Action Foundation NAF


Payments are being raised through the Natural Action Foundation .

NAF is an American 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to establish a global think-tank to investigate and provide solutions for environmental problems -- most importantly pollution problems -- with water and air. 

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The studies reflect Dr. Gokal‘s “mission as a medical practitioner to prevent and treat disease and to end human suffering” - a goal that inspired him “to formally evaluate in laboratory and human studies, the wonderful benefits of Structured Water.”

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