- Vibrancy Water sells Natural Action Water biomimetic structured water units, augmented with exclusive L-8 EMF Remediation Technology
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Vibrancy Water sells water structuring units since 2009, manufactured by Natural Action Technologies. Vibrancy Water is owned and operated by Advanced Health Technologies (AHT).  AHT was started (2007) by Liala Ackerman to educate the public about the revised view of human biology that is emerging from scientific findings and to promote specialized solutions for natural healing and self-actualization. Liala is personally trained by NAT’s founder, Clayton Nolte in water structuring technology and NAT products. 


As of September 2017 all structured water units sold by Vibrancy Water are infused with L-8 Transceiver Technology - an EMF remediation technology Liala developed based on her over 10 years of experience in the EMF protection industry.  


Vibrancy Water makes recommendations based on training with Clayton Nolte and personal experience with the devices. Vibrancy Water guarantees customer service that is caring and conscientious.




“The Mystical Properties

of Structured Water”



June 27, 2018 edition of Clayton’s Classroom


Guest-Hosted by Liala Ackerman, 



Liala relates the science and evidence underlying Structured Water’s toxin-cleansing performance. She also relates recent findings in Structured Water research that  intimately connect to findings in Epigentics. Specifically, regarding self-healing, longevity and on-demand access to universal knowledge.


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