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Fulfilling Structured Water


Ultimate support for the natural

magnificent potentials, of humans,

plants, animals…. all life.


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water rushing to the edge of a water fall creating a cloud of energized water.



The waterfall, is one of Nature’s ways, of

producing water that is revered as “Healing Water”.


Water of such quality, is known scientifically,

as “Structured Water”.


Structured Water is free of inappropriate things and

Is in it’s original blueprint; with only the structure, energies

and properties Nature intended for life-supporting water.



Structured Water in Nature;

 Vortexed Water 


In Nature, water is made and kept “ Structured” by its travel through natural waterways. On those journeys, it powerfully rushes and tumbles, over rocks and through currents, mountain streams, waterfalls and miles of winding rivers. The water travels these journeys in its natural flow– the water molecules spinning in multi-directional vortexes as they turn to avoid obstacles, including other water molecules, in their path,


Structured Water;

Features and Benefits



Structured Water is the “power horse” of all water and, therefore, the best performing water—at every task.


Structured Water’ has a unique defining set of energies and properties. These are reflected in its distinct arrangement of water molecules, which are organized into symmetrical crystalline structures. Structured water is found in healthy cells and revered “healing waters”, such as Lourdes and Hunza waters.

6 pointed symmetrical crystalline coherent structured water molecule photographed by Dr. Emoto.



Rounded Rectangle: Structured Water promotes profound benefits, for every part of you.



Findings in leading-edge science, suggest the human body is basically a skin covered water vessel. For, water molecules make up over 99% of the body’s molecules and are an integral part of the cells and DNA.









A water-based view of health explains the consistent positive results seen in research studies and reported from people, who use Structured Water. These are reports of profound health improvements personally and for family members, pets, livestock, plants, fish tanks and more.



Studies show Structured Water in the body, isolates energies

that are potentially harmful.




About Structured Water


Loss of Structure


Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit


Water’s biological usefulness is reduced by modern water delivery and treatment methods. For those methods restrict water’s natural flow, depletes its natural energies and add constituents that do not belong in water. The latter includes wireless radiation (EMF/EMR) and other biologically irritating energies.


Consequently, water is made hard and destructive, it’s molecules become disorganized and it suffers loss of those energies and properties that make water life– supporting. These ’errors’ are not detected in the chemical testing that is conventionally used to determine whether or not water is safe to drink. 


Water absorbs and collects the energies—energetic information, of everything in its vicinity. Water structuring remediates toxic energies in water memory.




The Memory of Water



The Vibrancy Water

Structuring Unit

Nature-Driven (Biomimetic) Vortexed Water Treatment


Coming Soon


Our products bring water back to life, optimally, and infuse this revitalized, healthy, “living” water with unique health propelling enhancements.




Vibrancy Water structuring units were developed, specifically, to provide humanity with a powerful way to overcome present-day obstacles to health and innate potential.


The Developers’ solutions respect and uphold natural biological needs, underpinnings and processes.


The Vibrancy Water unit was masterfully engineered and is carefully manufactured, to give users products that have lasting integrity and durability.   


Clayton Nolte, inventor and water researcher for 40+ years. Clayton is renown as the father of the “Structured Water Unit”. The device is the first proven Nature-emulating (biomimetic) water structuring unit made available for public use and is used by millions of people worldwide. Clayton is the founder (2010) and former operator of Natural Action Technologies.


The Vibrancy Water unit was made possible by Clayton Nolte, inventor and water researcher for 40+ years.


Clayton is renown as the father of the “Structured Water Unit”. His original structuring device, is the first proven Nature-emulating (biomimetic) water structuring unit, made available for public use. It is used by millions of people worldwide.


Years after leaving Natural Action Technologies, the company Clayton founded and passionately grew, Clayton put retirement aside. For, while researching ways to bolster his health and longevity, during retirement, he made discoveries and was presented with synchronicities and opportunities, which he simply could not ignore.



About the Developers



Exclusive Built-in Technologies


The Vibrancy Water unit is engineered

with 3 unique technologies to,


1.      optimize water’s biological value and

2.      extend the life supporting capabilities of Structured Water.



open hand showing 3 straberries and a measuring tape indicating enormous growth

open hand showing 3 straberries and a measuring tape indicating enormous growth

Profile of a woman resting her head at the edge of pool as she is lying in a pool of clear sparkling structured water.



Developed by Clayton Nolte, Liala Ackerman and

Irvon Weber




This Nature-mimicking, optimizing structuring method, emerged from Clayton’s recent research and experience. The importance of this structuring accomplishment is underscored by findings in medical research. Namely, results that indicate the health status of organisms, directly mirrors the quality of the water inside and surrounding the cells. Specifically, the degree to which the water molecules are organized into symmetrical crystalline structures (coherence) and the amount of energy the water holds.


By maximizing coherence and energy production during the structuring process, water’s potential biological worthiness is fulfilled. Thus, it becomes fulfilling for all life.







Invented by Clayton Nolte (2021)



This is a colossal package of frequencies- nourishment at the cellular level, that is brought in to the water during the structuring process. These include energies that are essential to cellular resiliency, repair and integrity. Unlike current circumstances, these energies were amply available in the natural world of our ancestors.


The package also includes unique frequencies to support full expression of the multidimensionality of human DNA. 



 Invented by Liala Ackerman (2017)



L-8 provides EMF free Structured Water that is enriched with an abundance of Earth’s natural electromagnetic field frequencies; same as our ancestors enjoyed. Our advanced solution:


1. naturally builds your resilience to EMF/EMR;


2. facilitates a natural grounding for the body to release EMF/EMR;


3. enhances the body’s reception of Earth’s vitalizing electromagnetic field frequencies 24/7, moment to moment, as they happen; and


4. includes simple strategies to disarm the fields generated by EMF/EMR emitters and convert them into transceivers of Earth’s electromagnetic field.



Principles and Benefits






Water moves through the Vibrancy Water Unit as though rushing down a waterfall, thus undergoing the same processes, that remake degraded water into highly energized Structured Water in Nature. The processes are optimized by Optimum-A Structuring Technology and the potential benefits are enhanced by Immunity+ Technology and L-8 Transceiver Technology. The synergist result is Fulfilling Structured Water- fully prepared to supply and perform what’s needed for optimal health and wellbeing.



Hand holding a glass of sparkling clear water in front of a waterfall.



Effects of L-8 Transceiver Technology


Increases the presence and availability of natural planetary frequencies for deep healing and use in advanced EMF/EMR solutions.


Effects of Immunity+     Technology


Instills an abundance of specially selected frequencies to support full expression of the multidimensionality of human DNA and efficient cellular repair/rejuvenation.

Natural Structuring Effects

Optimized by Optimum-A Technology


Rejuvenates water’s vitalizing properties, natural softness, natural alkalinity and full repertoire of balanced energies;


Maximally increases the presence and bio-availability of Oxygen, Hydrogen Ions, beneficial minerals, natural planetary frequencies and Bio-Photonic energies. (This “life force energy” is also called “Prana” and “Chi” and is scientifically measurable.)


Revises the molecular and energetic structure of toxins, radicals and harmful minerals (hard, scale forming), in ways that render them biologically inert.


Clears water memory of biologically inappropriate energy patterns.











The effects accomplished using the Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit are impossible using water “fixes” that filter out or add “things’.



Practical Advantages


The unit has no moving or breakable parts and will process limitless amounts with no wait time. Operation is completely cost-free because its functioning is based simply on water’s movement through the unit.

polluted contamiated water entering a pipe,tswirling  tjrpigj multivortex and esiting a pipe as a burst of energized light water.



The use of Nature-driven technologies,

makes the Vibrancy Water Unit

self-powered and maintenance-free.



Water Structuring Process







Preview of products that will be available March 2023


The Handheld Structured Water Unit is made for portable use. Position under the faucet or pour in bottled water. The unit is suitable for structuring other liquids. The unit is also suitable for Structured Breathing.







All installable units are engineered for simple installation using standard plumbing fittings.


The Under Sink Universal Unit is engineered to be easily outfitted for use as a Garden Unit, or installed to work with an RV water system, Hot Tub circulating system or any other pressurized system with pipes sized .5” and under.


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General Product Details

Whatever your water source,  a Vibrancy Water Structuring  Unit gives you Fulfilling Water—highly efficient, optimally energized, softer and healthier.



Powered By Nature

Ultimate Quantum Structuring Technology


90 Day Money Back Guarantee

10 Year Warranty




About Vibrancy Water



What More is Possible?



open hand showing 3 straberries and a measuring tape indicating enormous growth

Cannabis leaf in perfect proprptions

Profile of a woman resting her head at the edge of pool as she is lying in a pool of clear sparkling structured water.

Thriving plants

and crops


improved germination

-  bigger and faster growth

-  higher energy and         avnutritional values

-  more resilience to pests anand adverse conditions










Cannabis application


We help Growers develop cost effective plans for optimal results, for farms and grow facilities.






Structured Buds and Buzz

Pure pool and spa pleasure 


The Vibrancy Water Unit for Pools generates safe, balanced and invigorating water. It does so, with less costs and maintenance, than with any other water treatment. We provide experienced–based customer service.




Pool and Spa Use



Structured Water Science is at the leading edge of an emerging scientific paradigm.


Discovery of Structured Water’s remarkable properties and the energetic underpinnings of biological processes, have overturned conventional ideas about cellular activity, memory, consciousness, thought processes …. overall functioning of the human body. The resulting new scientific models compel us to set aside principles of matter and to view the human body as a water vessel, which can be explained by applying the principles of energy. Further, to see water as both a carrier of electromagnetic information that directs cellular activity and the carrier of the life force energy that fuels DNA. 




Relearning Our Human Identity and What’s Needed for Best Health





Your Body Craves Earth’s Natural Electrical Waves:

The Dilemma of Enjoying Normal Good Health in a Wireless Age  



Logo for Vibrancy Water and  link to the homepage. The logo  includes the geometiric symbol for our EMF, 5G, radiation blocking technology.


 Take Your Health

 Home to Nature.


bright beam of light illuminating sparkling clear blue water in which, there is in the foreground, a crystalline coherent structured water molecule with 6 points, hexagonal water, ez water









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