Re-Claiming God’s Water from Your Tap;

A True Story

By Liala Ackerman Epstein, Structured Water Expert, Advanced Health Technologies 


I recently met an old friend on the street and invited him to my home. I told him briefly about the water structuring units I sell and prepared a glass of “Structured Water” for him to sample.  He watched as I held the portable water structuring unit under the sink faucet, and filled the glass. I related that the unit is scientifically verified to neutralize toxins and create fine quality consumable water, in its true original state. In answer to his questions, I said “yes, I ran regular tap water through the unit”, “no, the unit does not run on electricity or batteries,  because it is self-powered” and “no, it does not use a replaceable filter or remove anything from the water”.  He refused the glass of water, asked me if I was “feeling ok”, said he had to go and rushed out.  The gaze he cast on me, the halted manner in which he spoke and his fleeing exit clearly said, he thought I was “bonkers’. Yikes!  


In my eagerness to share remarkable information I failed to consider my friend’s conventional world view – shaped by the public education system and mainstream media. How unusual it must have sounded to hear the unit uses Nature’s Laws to evoke Nature’s own water re-claiming action. Even more unusual that the units were specially engineered to disarm biologically perverse electromagnetic radiation (EMFs), such as the emissions from cell phones, household electricity and wireless devices.


I imagined he probably thought, “billions of dollars, thousands of researchers and decades of work, and we still haven’t found cures for Cancer, Alzheimer’s etc., and she expects me to believe some nobody came up with a gizmo that turns tap water into God’s water!” My friend likely also reckoned that if the structuring unit was as remarkable as I claimed, then it would be publicly acclaimed, instead of residing in obscurity. The filter-free aspect would have been especially damning, since it is widely accepted as “fact” that you have to add and/or remove physical things to fix water.


Many years ago, one of my university professors remarked that it typically takes 100 to 200 years for information in the scientific community to trickle down to the masses.  Well, dear Reader, I am ending that tradition in regards to water and your health and share with you the following scientific insights.

The idea that water can be toxin-free and healthful by adding/removing things is not supported by the understanding of water that developed over the last 50 years. The view is linked to an emerging scientific paradigm that is based on an electrical model of the universe 1. This model applies the principles of energy (electromagnetic processes) to explain and predict physical phenomena (Quantum Physics/Mechanics). Wherein, physical matter is a manifestation of underlying energies, physical characteristics are represented in the matter’s vibrational/ energetic pattern (also referred to as electromagnetic field/frequency/signature) and everything alive contains life force energy.2


Water has been revealed to be a living crystalline gel of water molecules. It has been discovered that the water molecule has enormous storage capacity: each water molecule has 440,000 information panels that carry energy imprints (electromagnetic signatures) of everything water contacts. The source, nature, quality of the stored energies determines the structure of the water molecule.3


Scientists have identified a unique crystalline structure and specific set of properties associated with water that is present exclusively in healthy cells and healing waters (i.e., Hunza and Lourdes waters). This specialized water is called “Structured Water”.  It is rich in oxygen, negative hydrogen ions, mineral information and bio-photonic energy (life source energy that appears as light).  It is engineered by Nature through specific actions that occur in Nature, to be exactly right for our biology and for all life on this planet. 


The new understanding of water reveals that adding chemicals or energies not natural to water, for cleansing purposes, does not cleanse the energy patterns of toxins and imbues water with energies that reduce water’s life-promoting value. Subjecting water to devices powered by household (AC) electricity or batteries is especially detrimental to the consumer, because the activity imbues the water with the biologically harmful EMF generated by those devices. Conversely, eliminating any water borne physical/chemical that is identified as a “toxin”, does not remove the associated toxic energies from the water molecule. Quite conclusively, Nature’s water re-claiming action is the only effective means of ensuring the energies of toxins are not delivered into the body when the water is ingested and that the consumed water is optimally beneficial to the body.


University of Washington Bio-engineering Professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack, has worked extensively to investigate the characteristics and behaviour of water in biological entities and to disseminate the importance of Structured Water.4  Among his revolutionary conclusions, are his assertions that:


1. over 99% of your body’s molecules are water molecules; and

2. cell functioning is tied to electromagnetic interface between the cell and energies of surrounding water molecules.


Concomitantly, the quality of water that you consume, and the electromagnetic information (energies) that water carries throughout your body, are 2 of the most important determinants of your health

You can create Structured Water for yourself using water you take from your tap or that enters your home from the city or a well or that you pour from a bottle.  Your experience of the associated life-enhancing benefits is guaranteed. Water structuring devices are available for in-home installation, portable use, industry, farm …for every use everywhere.


Visit  for details about the properties and benefits of Structured Water, the water structuring technology mentioned in this article and related research.


1To learn about the emerging scientific view of an electrical universe, view Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie. The movie is produced by a group of Cosmologists, who are also the founders of the Thunderbolt Project (  Perspectives in Cosmology ripple across the entire scientific community; Cosmology is the “Queen of Science”, because conclusions determined in Cosmology dictate the framework (basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology) for all the other sciences.


See “Water Memory“ the 2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier. The study discussed in this video is related to Dr. Montagnier's research on the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). (He was co-awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in “Physiology or Medicine” for his discovery of the virus.) The study was a test of Quantum Field Theory to explain physical phenomena that could not be explained using conventional scientific principles.


3 Research by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates emotions conveyed in written and spoken words have associated energy patterns and reveals the impact of those energies on the structure of water molecules.


4To learn about Dr. Gerald Pollack’s research see:  


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