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Driven by Nature.                         Backed by Science.

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Clayton Nolte’s Natural Action Technologies


The Ultimate Water Purifier

Our Structured Water™ units give you water
as Nature meant for your vitality and pleasure.

Natural to your body.
Verified to be at par with the Earth’s finest
naturally occurring
drinking water.
With the purity and properties your
body demands for energy and best health.



Natural Action’s technology restores water’s innate properties and potential,

by emulating Nature’s “water cleansing” actions.


Austrian naturalist and researcher Viktor Schauberger observed that water is naturally optimized when it passes through a full hydrological cycle. It is then at its biophotonic, and balanced best.




Our Structured Water™ units use

geometric and vortex technologies,  (Sacred Geometry)

based on the principles of Victor Schauberger.



Water moving the Structured Water™ unit

is processed in an environment of

dynamic shear and pressure differentials



Revolutionary flow-form elements inside each unit direct the water’s flow through the unit, mimicking water structuring as takes place in nature. Such as when water actively descends down a mountain stream, tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, and flowing through twists and turns. Technology



Clayton Nolte, the inventor of Vibrancy Water’s

structuring units explains the technology and benefits.

"Your Body's Many Cries For Water"
Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. 

























Latest Article: Restore Water to Nature’s Original Grand Design – and Experience the Benefits



Structured Water is  Exactly Right For Your Body!


By natural engineering, water delivers and releases energy to each cell of the body while removing and eliminating waste. Research, over the last decade, by University of Washington’s Bio-engineering Professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack, indicates,


1. over 99% of your body’s molecules are water molecules; and

2. cell functioning is tied to electromagnetic interface between the cell and energies of surrounding water molecules.

These findings indicate the quality of water that you consume, and the electromagnetic information (energies) that water carries throughout your body, are 2 of the most important determinants of your health.



Water structured using these units is,


1. instantly hydrating;

2. powerfully detoxifying;

3. naturally alkaline;

4. rich with biophoton energy;

5. rich with beneficial minerals;

6. has balanced Ph; and

7. free of toxic impressions of contaminants and pollutants.


Visual Evidence of Structured Water Resulting from

 a Single Pass Through Our Portable Unit


May 2012, Hagalis AG, 

Independent testing laboratory in Germany


400x magnification of tap Water Before (L) and After (R) Structuring


According to the researcher, the above photos show physical evidence of increased bio-availability and biophotonic (life force) energy, removal of toxins and the formation of star shaped clusters, as a result of having been processed with the Natural Action water device. According to the researchers, ”Water research indicates the star shaped structures seen in the above structured sample, only appear in very high quality water of natural origin”. The researchers also reported that the structured sample was found to have increased biological quality, a higher presence of trace elements and minerals, higher and more positive energy balance and “a significant surplus of energy”.  The full report can be read hereProduct Testing


Structuring water, using Natural Action's technology,

disarms water-borne toxins and revitalizes the water’s natural, healing energies.


Current scientific research indicates that it is the energy patterns of a toxin, rather than the toxin’s physical matter, that is responsible for the adverse biological effects of toxins. Removing particulates and "disinfecting," as is standard practice in most water treatment practices, does nothing to remove the biologically meaningless and chaotic (toxic) information that the processed water contained, or the intention behind it.


Science has shown that all living things have evolved in a direct relationship and dependency on information conveyed by the frequencies of the planet’s electromagnetic field. Water is a conductor of electricity and as such always conducted and delivered the frequencies of the planet’s electromagnetic field for consumption. In today’s world, water has become a carrier of artificial electromagnetic currents from man-made electricity and wireless radiation, as well as a carrier of the memory traces/energy patterns of pollutants that come in contact with the water.

Structuring water, using Natural Action’s technology,

significantly increases water’s biophotonic (life force) energies.


Water stores information, or energy, and in particular - electromagnetic waves, in the form of photons. The photon is a unit of light, and thusly, the term bio-photon means living light. The greater the body’s store of light energy, the greater the power of the body’s overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy is available for healing and the maintenance of optimal health. Today, most water has a bare minimum of its natural, optimal quanta of biophotons.


The images below show a dramatic 83% increase on biophotonic energies of sample water (well water, Taos, NM), when processed using a Natural Action water structuring unit.  More

 Bio-Photon Energy of water Molecule before Water Structuring with Utopic Water Unit

Before Structuring

Image of Enhanced Bio-Photon Energy of water molecule after structuring with Utopic Water Unit

After Structuring

This water structuring technology is endorsed by renowned scientists Drs. Albert-Fritz Popp, regarded as one of the founders of Biophotonics, and a pioneer in the field of quantum biophysics, and Konstantin Korotkov globally recognized researcher on the human energy field

Dynamically Enhanced

Structured Water™ Products


 The nature-driven technology in our  Dynamically Enhanced units,  is enhanced with natural elements to protect against biologically harmful manmade EMF energies (electropollution).  Tests show the biophotonic energy of a water molecule that flows through a Dynamically Enhanced product is higher than those from the manufacturer’s original, basic unit. In fact, the energy signature is one and a half to two times stronger.


The Natural Action Structured Water™ unit is self-powered using Nature’s laws.


Carefree Use


No adjustments to make, operating costs, filters,
moving parts, replaceable parts, or maintenance.

The Water Structuring units are sold with

a 20 Year manufacturer’s warranty and

a 90 day money back guarantee.



These units provide you with immediately available energizing, healing and life-enhancing structured water.

Plus, our units have infinite processing capacity.


Use Natural Action’s water structuring device to produce structured water

 throughout the plumbing lines in homes, farms and industry, from apartment or condo sinks and showers,

in swimming pools and hot tubs, and for drinking and showering when traveling.



Products and Prices



Al units are Dynamically Enhanced version and

manufactured in the United States

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 Canadian customers pay in Canadian currency and receive your orders from Toronto, ON (free of cross-border hassles)





It’s a truly maintenance-free water structuring system providing great tasting water,

maximum absorption through the cell membranes in the body and

the greatest health benefits of naturally balanced water.


Consumption of structured water enhances and optimizes life; rejuvenating and supercharging humans,

animals, plants, food, baking, beverages, dishwashing, laundry, pool ...whatever the water’s use. benefits


Use Vibrancy Pool and Spa water structuring units to generate safe, balanced and invigorating water,

with less costs and maintenance,

than with any other water treatment.



Toronto, Canada (2010).  Pool ran for 7 months with gorgeous water & perfect readings without chemicals etc..  Report

Use Vibrancy Water structured units for your garden plants and crops for:


increased biomass (27% to 40%) * 3-fold increase in nutrition (Brix)

lower freezing point * increased pest resistance




Tomatoes: Mr. Laphon Puyo, in France (2012). The tomato in the bottom photo weighs over 2lbs 

Strawberries: Gary Staffeld in Ohio (2009) uniformly 2” and ripened 2 weeks before neighbouring plants.

Rose bush, in Arizona,  Daily watering begins April 28, 2012(L) After 9 days of daily watering (R).


About the Inventor

Clayton M. Nolte (Natural Action Technologies), is a researcher and inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies. He spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life.

Developed by Clayton Nolte, and relying only on natural motion and known symmetries that induce specific behaviors in water, Natural Action Water structuring devices make a subtle difference that change everything. We invite you to learn more, and then experience the difference for yourself.

Clayton Head SHot Smile

Clayton Nolte

About Vibrancy Water


Vibrancy Water offers the complete line of water structuring units manufactured by Clayton Nolte. Vibrancy Water is owned and operated by Advanced Health Technologies (AHT), a company dedicated to promoting specialized solutions for healing and self-actualization. AHT, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been marketing Clayton Nolte’s water structuring devices since 2009.


AHT’s recommendations are based on personal training with Clayton Nolte and personal experience with the devices.  AHT’s customer service is both caring and conscientious.

Revitalize into your best health now with Structured Water generated by a Vibrancy Water Structuring Unit!


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Experience Water as Nature meant for your pleasure and vitality.


The products and/or technologies listed on this website are not approved by Health Canada or FDA or any government health agency and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician or health care practitioner for any questions about health.

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Illustration of the structuring effect on water when process through a Natural Action Technologies water purifier.

Portable unit, above.

Multi-vortex Technology

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Effects on Toxins

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Drs. Fritz-Albert Popp & Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


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